jeudi 26 juin 2008

Top Espoirs US

Pas plus de 3 long-métrages, dont le dernier remonte à moins de 10 ans

1- Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko, Southland tales,The Box)
2- Vincent Gallo (Buffalo 66, My brown bunny)
3- Craig Brewer (Hustle and flow, Blake snake moan)
4- Sofia Coppola (Virgin suicides, Lost in translation, Marie-Antoinette) - en attendant The tipping velvet
5- Greg Mottola (Daytrippers, SuperBad, Adventureland)
6- Frères Safdie (The pleasure of being robbed, Go Get Some Rose Mary)
7- Dito Montiel (A Guide to recognizing saints, Fighting)
8- Adam McKay (Ron Burgondy, Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers)
9- Kelly Richardt (Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy)
10- Jeff Nichols (Shotgun Stories)
11- JJ Abrams (Mission Impossible 3, Star Trek)